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Secure File Upload

Safely Upload Your Sensitive Documents

Harris, Eckland, and Associates' secure file upload form is a highly reliable and secure method for uploading a photograph of your driver's license. The form utilizes advanced encryption techniques to ensure that your personal data remains encrypted and protected during the entire uploading process. Rest assured, your driver's license photocopy is in safe hands when using this secure file upload form.

Tips for taking clear photos with a phone

We recommend using a smartphone to complete our secure form. Our form allows you to take photos of your ID with your smartphone.

  • Do use a high resolution camera like a smartphone or tablet camera. Your computer webcam may not take clear photos.
  • Do use a solid, dark background.
  • Do take your photos in a well-lit area with indirect light.
  • Do check that ID barcodes are not damaged or dirty.
  • Do try to hold your phone still while taking the photos. It may help to prop your arms on the table to steady yourself.

Common issues with taking photos of an ID

DON'T: Use a white background

DON'T: Use textured, patterned backgrounds

DON'T: Crop out the edges of your ID

AVOID: Glares and shadows